How To Help Your Child Protect Themselves From Inappropriate Touch

From carefully crossing the streets to avoiding unwanted attention from a stranger; parents often start guiding their children at a tender age to ensure their safety. But there are many topics that are left undiscussed including sexual abuse. In today’s time, it is critical for parents to teach their children the distinctions between good and bad touch. It is also important to talk to teenagers about sexual development, sexual identity, and other related themes even if these are complex topics to discuss.

Build a bonding trust with your child and teach them about private body parts that others should not touch. Here are some ways you can make your child understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

Maintain a relaxed atmosphere

We as parents must stop thinking of it is a taboo topic and begin talking about it with our kids freely. All you need to do is, maintain a relaxed and conversational tone during the discussion.

Build trust

Build trust with your child and assure them that no matter what you will always have their back.

When to say no

Help your child learn that they can say no in various situations including dangerous contact or discomfort. Make them know that there is no shame in asking someone to stop or call them out loud.

Scream and flee

Explain to the child that they have the right to shout ‘stop’, don’t touch me’, ‘I don’t like it’ or just scream and flee. In any other situation, this may appear to be impolite behaviour, but ask your child to follow their instincts.

Keep no secrets from parents

When adults inappropriately touch children, they may beg or threaten them to keep it a secret. Teach your child that they should not hesitate to talk to you about such incidents.In these situations, your child must feel free to share the truth with you.