Cheeky schoolgirl, 9, nicks mum’s phone to leave savage review of school trip gift shop

A cheeky schoolgirl nicked her mum’s phone and left a savage review of a school trip after visiting an “overpriced” gift shop.

Nola Hickman, 9, went on a school trip to an aquarium in June but came away fuming at the expensive prices in the shop.

Mum Sam Brown, 39, was shocked to learn her daughter had strong views on the shop prices – after wanting to purchase a £20 teddy.

However the schoolgirl, who only had enough money for a pencil and a rubber, decided she wanted to warn potential aquarium customers of the “overpriced” gift items.

Unbeknown to Sam, Nola used her phone to write a review of the shop in her name last week as the review – hilariously littered with spelling errors – claimed: “Gift shop is totally overpriced.

“Little notebook is £2.50, medium teddy £20 or £25. Pencil and sharpener cost £2 together.

“Callaw machen [claw machine] £3 for one go. Fidgets £2.50. To mutch money!”

Sam, from Gosport, first noticed the review a week after it had been posted following a tip-off from Nola’s sister, Mia-Jade, 19.

She says it left her in stitches – although she did edit it to clarify it was posted by her daughter, rather than herself.

Sam, who works for a statistics company, said: “When she came back from the trip on June 26, she was annoyed the shop was expensive.

“She wanted a teddy but she didn’t have £20, so she got a pencil and rubber instead. But that was it really, I didn’t think too much of it!

“She takes my phone all the time to play games, but one of these times last week she obviously left the review instead.

“She can definitely be sassy sometimes. I have left it up but since added ‘written by Nola, aged nine’ because I didn’t want people to think that spelling was mine.

“To be fair, it’s harmless. For a nine-year-old to say the prices are high, it does point it out.

“But when I saw it I just had to laugh!”