5 Must-See Places In Nagaland For A Great Vacation

The arrival of the monsoon brings much-needed reprieve from the blistering heatwave. Monsoon is an ideal time to visit places that have been on your travel wish list for many years. If you also plan to go on a blissful getaway during the rainy season, you should consider visiting Nagaland. The state in India’s northeast is one enchanting location. Nagaland is known for its natural beauty, culture, and cuisine. If you planning a trip, you can make your vacation memorable by picking these spots.

  1. Kohima – The capital of Nagaland is one of the leading attractions in the state. Kohima is surrounded by picturesque hills. Trekkers will love it as the place offers plenty of locations for trekking and camping. While in Kohima, you should also visit Kohima Museum and Kohima War Cemetery.
  2. Khonoma Green Village – Khonoma is a green village near the India-Myanmar border. The houses in Khonoma are made from natural resources. The village should be visited by photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, and trekkers. The vibrant culture and greenery of the village will surely make your stay memorable.
  3. Mokokchung – This is another popular tourist destination in the state. Like most spots in Nagaland, Mokokchung also offers great views. Mokokchung is a key trade hub and an important town for the Ao tribe, one of the major tribes of the state. Any trip to Nagaland remains incomplete without visiting Mokokchung.
  1. Benreu – The beautiful mountain village of Benreu is certainly a travel-worthy place. There are quite a few places in Nagaland that have not been fully explored by tourists. One such place is Benreu located in the Peren district. If you want to see the Naga culture and their simple life, just go to Benreu.
  2. Dzukou Valley – This place is a paradise for every nature lover. The flora of the valley makes the place magical. Trekking enthusiasts will have a great time in one of the most popular hiking and trekking trails of the northeast.