7 Benefits of Using Neem-infused Wooden Comb For Your Hair

We all know maintaining your mane needs a lot of love and care. While we love to invest in expensive tools, shampoos, and conditioners, one thing that we often neglect is combing our hair. A good comb is the best and the most effective care for your hair. But you can certainly amplify the advantages of combing if you use a wooden comb infused with neem.

A wooden comb helps in hair growth and promotes new blood cells. But when your hair comb is infused with the goodness of Neem, your hair will become healthier. “The medicinal plant Neem has been used in skincare and hair care for long and people have seen what wonders neem can do. It is packed with powerful nutrients which makes it a perfect one-stop solution for all your hair issues,” says Arthi Raguram, hair expert, Deyga Organics.

Let us have look at 7 benefits of using neem infused wooden comb for your hair


Plastic combs are made with harmful chemicals and materials which ruin the health of the scalp. It leads to more breakage making your hair frizzy and prone to hair fall. Its hydrating properties nourish the dry ends of the hair and give them a healthy and bouncy look.

Neem wooden comb is excellent if you wish to see new hair growing on your scalp. The neem oil present in the comb spreads evenly on the scalp and helps in blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, your hair receives more nutrients and provides enough nutrition to the hair cells. This leads to new hair growth. Also, neem combs gently remove the dirt and grime from the hair keeping your scalp squeaky clean and you get beautiful, long hair.

Dandruff is the biggest obstacle to getting a healthy scalp and hair. Neem’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties do not allow bacteria or any other fungus to build up on the scalp. Also, it removes pollution and other dirt particles from your scalp. Since the wooden comb is gentler on your scalp, your scalp does not become itchy or does not develop any rash.

Our hair produces natural sebum to the scalp which keeps it nourished, however, excessive amounts of sebum can make your scalp look oily and greasy. “But a wooden comb with neem’s goodness spreads the natural oil evenly on your scalp. Hence your hair is not just fresh looking but it also gets a shiny look,” adds Raguram.

Our hair ends tend to become dry and frizzy leading to hair breakage and loss and your start to look dull. However, the neem’s hydrating and nourishing properties moisturize your hair roots, as well as the hair, and end deeply. So whenever you are running a neem-infused wooden comb on your hair, your hair is getting its due nourishment. It also gets a smooth, nice texture.

We all dread premature greying of hair and neem is the easiest solution if you want to keep aging at bay. With regular combing of hair with a neem wooden comb, you are regulating healthy blood flow on your scalp. This allows new hair to grow while delaying the signs of premature greying.

Stop spending tons of money on getting hair spas and massages. With a neem wooden comb, you can give your scalp a healthy massage every day. Contrary to plastic combs wooden combs have soft bristle which does not cause any friction or any cuts on the scalp. Rather it gently massages the scalp which enhances blood flow and lets your hair receive all the goodness of neem.

So, what are you waiting for? You are only one step away from getting the hair of your dreams. Start using a neem-infused wooden comb and see its magic on your hair.